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MERMAN CHRISTIAN is known world-wide as a professional merman and aquatic performer. With a breath hold of almost 3 minutes, his goal is to provide both entertainment as well as educational services as a spokesperson for the conservation of our world's oceans and marine life. ​

Having majored in Marine Biology , and also having done professional work in the entertainment field that consists of conventions, fundraisers, marketing events, television, and film work.  He has also been featured on major publications such as CNN, ABC, INSIDER, Comedy Central, and CBS Los Angeles.  Christian does not only perform, but teaches others about how they can play their part in keeping our oceans safe, clean, and thriving for not only the creatures that live in it, but for our own lives as well. A former active volunteer at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD  Christian has now launched a new project called 'REEFORMATION'; a global awareness project about coral bleaching and conservation that uses the merman image as a link between entertainment and education about this serious global issue.  

If you would like to get involved in raising awareness about coral bleaching, please visit: