While hiring a Merman is a great and even more fun idea, that also means that he has Mermaids for friends too!  In addition to booking Merman Christian, you can also hire the rest of the MARYLAND MERMAIDS team to accompany him and make your party, event, or photo shoot even more magical! 

travel and expenses:

All pricing  and booking rates are done through direct email only  please!

NOTE: Pricing rate is always negotiable, but may increase depending on travel distance.

THE MARYLAND mermaids:

Compensation for all bookings that involve out-of-state travel including airfare and hotel accomodations must be handled by the employer .  While we are a global business and enjoy traveling to many places to bring you the best for your event, we ask that certain means of travel depending on the distance be taken care of.  Keep in mind that traveling with a 35 or 50lb silicone tail is never an easy process, and that also includes extra accessories that go with a costume or a few extra gifts for a company or birthday boy or girl, so all we ask is for your generosity towards some of the more difficult and sometimes financial aspects of our business when looking to hire us.